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Short & Best Bible Quotes

Welcome to Quote the lord , you will find the best bible quotes on this blog. We constantly update the blog with new & short bible quotes for you , you will find new content everyday . Get inspired , motivated & feel the positivity by reading these quotes ! Whats more ? We only feature the best bible quotes on our website with images to make them easy to read for you !

God Quote

Never Panic, Just Pray

Enjoy this great quote about believing in God and never going into a panic when something bad happens. If something ever goes …

Confession Quote

Nothing You Confess

Although somewhat short, the nine words in this Jesus quote are extremely powerful and true. Confession is a big part of Christianity …

John the Baptist Quote

The Way, Truth, and Life

This has to be one of my favorite bible quotes from John 14:6. Whomever made it had a really unique idea by …